Hinged Cold Storage Door


The most worn-out parts of cold storage doors. Therefore, endurance is the most important feature, but easy to use, and lightweight durability, the two factors can not be ignored. Cooling is designed to provide these features Barlas doors, hinged and sliding the two types are available. Pre-painted galvanized steel (BGS), stainless steel (INOX) and glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) surface alternatives are produced.
Door Wing: the use of wood in between the two sheets 40 (+ / -2) density polyurethane is injected.
Door Thickness: Normal cold room 68 mm, 92 mm in frozen storage tanks.
Lock: imported goods, and the antipanic handle with opening fosforludur is locked from the inside.
Hinge: Rising and adjustable type.
Surface Plate: standard wings on both sides of PVC sheets. Optionally, polyester coated steel and can be CrNi.
Door Box: Industrial panel rooms, special door frame is produced in a wall of the room. This panel is mounted on the door leaf has a problem with the assembly. Special PVC panels for cold storage rooms are not used in the exterior and aluminum inner frame. Wing is the case for the application is very easy to mount.
Thermal Bridge: with a special rubber gasket around the door seal is provided. Housing is available in the frozen gates frost resistance, resistance diode transformer also does not want to be.
Size: 100x200 cm net migration can be produced until the desired degree.

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