Cold Storage

In daily life, even if they are in front of the very eyes, cold storage sector is large enough to affect the economies of countries.

Between production and consumption of goods and perishable foods cold storage and cold are the most critical process. Cold storage process to the quality of the manufacturer, both agents, as well as the consumer direct business. Therefore, seriousness and cooling sector, continuity and responsibility.

With every kind of project unlimited production capacity cold storage plant in a form that allows solutions. volumes of cold storage panels, cold storage and product processing areas with the desired sizes can be created. Prefabricated reinforced concrete or steel frame construction, was established under the cold storage panels for protection from any outside wall, there is no need. Panels operate in the external environment.

Each of these plants, cold room, cold storage equipment one thinks special projects, such as the central cooling system can be applied by key. Examples of applications of this type, meat processing plants, poultry processing plants, fish processing plants, fruit and vegetable processing plants be displayed. This plant products, certain actions by the shock or the product is passed, and then subjected to rapid cooling processes time to wait for the shipment shall be kept in cold storage and frozen product storage enclosure.
Also just a cold or frozen for preservation by cold storage facilities as a turnkey
 are implemented. This type of place which stores all kinds of all sizes can be manufactured to meet your needs can be given.

Consumption in the production of this chain that connects to consolidate GENERAL focused on three main points.
* High-tech, long-lasting and energy-efficient systems, protection of product quality.
* Design, installation and service, effective customer service.
* Monitoring systems and the effective operation of cold storage


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