Monorail Pass Doors

Door Wing: the use of wood in between the two sheets 40 (+ / -2) density polyurethane is injected.
Door Thickness: Normal cold rooms 92 mm, 120 mm in low temperature storage.
Hanging Hardware: Carrier rail, wheels, handles and necessary accessories, composite material and stainless steel.
Surface Plate: standard wings on both sides of PVC sheets. Optionally, polyester coated steel and can be CrNi.
Thermal Bridge: Normal maintain a single row of rooms at a special rubber gasket that surrounds the leaf. Resistance ranging from frozen storage room doors are very easy to necessary safety deposit box.
Door Frame: special PVC outer case, inner case made ​​of aluminum.
Dimensions: 250 x 300 cm net migration can be produced until the desired degree.

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